Calcutta Road



Context/  Calcutta Road is the site for a new and innovative older peoples social housing project in Tilbury, Essex.

Design Process & Proposals/  

The site sits on a flood plain, all proposed ground level surfaces are permeable, accommodation is on the first floor and above.   The three conditions of the external landscape areas (on two levels, ground and podium) represent a significant proportion of the available space, and have been developed for a variety of quiet, social and productive places and activities.  The new planting to the rear landscape references local archetypes of the Essex agricultural landscape, and the intimate spaces of the pergolas at podium level are planted with fragrant and seasonally colourful pollinators.

Proposed layout for three levels of external landscape/

  1. the new public square: an open and flexible entrance space for new activities (with permeable paving) at ground level.
  2. the enclosed garden: the first floor podium opens onto a series of external rooms, with robust surfaces for varied social use,  bespoke trellis/ pergola structures with sensory planting, and with terraced  planted sitting steps at both entrances to lower levels
  3. the landscape: orchard,  hedgerow, meadow, sitting places and food production at rear ground level.   




Client and Collaborators:

Tilbury Council  Client/   PTE  Building Architect/   remapp Landscape Architect/   Conisbee  Structural + Civil Engineers (SuDs)/   Calford Seaden   Project Managers and Quantity Surveyor/


Programme:   2016/ 17 (consultation/ design stages) –  2017/18 (tender/ construction)